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you know it might be possible to CCW in Illinois too when this does pass. Off-duty LEOs can carry there via LEOSA. This might be different, but federal law trumps state law.

as far as the standard national test or guidelines...I feel this assessment is way off base Spats. Its just not about that, and I never see that happening. Certain things are always stateside: marriages, driving, local state laws, etc.

You know some states don't like the fed govt because the feds can push them around. They want all of the control(to include the politicians). The fact is, there are goods and bads to both states and fed govts. the federal government of the United States of America is not all that bad and has done some good things for the country. I do agree this world seems a little more tangled and complicated these days...hopefully someday we can loosen up some of the excess baggage and get back to basics.
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