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Duzell, sounds like a plan to me! But, could I give you a suggestion? Instead of taking the factory front sight off and putting a fiber optic on, go down to your local hobby shop and get some flourescent model car paint(preferablly an oil based, brushed on paint like Testors). When you go to the range, take some tape with you and wrap a piece of tape around your front post where the bottom of your rear sight lines up with it. Take a few shots with it this way with lining the top of the tape up at the bottom of your rear sight and make sure that you have your tape exactly where you need it for zero. With the tape wrapped around the front post, this will mark the spot for the depth for your aiming point. Take your flourescent paint and paint your post from your tape to the top of your post. If your tape is wraped around your post tight enough, then the paint mark will be exactly at the top of the tape and at your point of aim. Let the paint dry for just a little bit, then carefully take the tape off. If you ever decide on selling your 91/30, then all you have to do is take a pocket knife and scrape the paint off your front post to put your rifle back to original condition. The flourescent colored paint(red, orange, yellow, ect-any color that would stand out)would act the same as a fiber optic sight and might even pick up even more light when it gets to be dusk. Besides that, most of your fiber optic sights(with the shock that's put out, I don't think I'd trust a stick on one!)will require drilling and taping and when you sell you rifle, then the barrel will have holes in it when you try to put it back to original condition.
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