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The rifle shoots fine. Not high at all it shoots to the right actually. The lower magazine bolt screw was loose a bit. Is tightened maybe that was the cause?
So far my list of sport no damaging mods are easy but pricy all together. Here's a list of the parts I'm gonna go with.
Fiber optic front sight
Tri rail mount
Boyd's thumb hole stock
Black tactile sling
utg. Underrail bipod and mount
Rear stock cheekrest and ammo pouch/holder( holds stripper clips inside and out side has 5 round in loops)
A long relief pistol scope with illuminated cross hairs
This all.together will make a fairly accurate sporter sniper rifle that can be easily swapped back to battle rifle mode.
Easy cheap and simple setup, will make Boyd stock matt black with that black rubber paint. I seem to get sweety hadst when I shoot and I think I should look into grip gloves
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