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WV/NM and PA/Maine Sign Agreements. TX,. NC and H.R. 822 Updates

Pennsylvania and Maine have signed a Reciprocity Agreement. Maine signed with Michigan just over a week ago. If Maine will sign with PA they will sign with just about anyone. I look for more from Maine in the future.

West Virginia and New Mexico have signed a Reciprocity Agreement. New Mexico DPS has made a 180 degree turn and is working hard to get as many states as they can to honor their Permit/License. They have also updated their website with reasons why they will not honor some states.

Come 12/1/11 NC will honor all other states Permit/Licenses to Carry. They also will remove Financial Institutions from the list of places in State Law that are Off Limits to those with a valid Permit/License. On 12/1 those with a valid Permit/License can carry in State Parks, St/National Forests and Fishing Reservations. They will also have a limited Parking Lot Storage Law. Places that serve alcohol are still off limits. NC RKBA’s Orgs will be working on Restaurant Carry in the next State Legislature Session. The NC Page at will be updated on 12/1 to reflect these changes in NC Law.

Railroad Commission of Texas has changed their policy about firearms on their property. Employees and those with a valid Permit/License to Carry can now carry on their property and in their buildings. Yes their buildings. They will even let their employees carry while working even if they drive a Railroad Commission Vehicle. More states need to do this. Here is a new release by the Railroad Commission of Texas:

HR 822 ( National Reciprocity) passed and is awaiting work by the Senate. This could be next week or next year. I do not believe Mr. Reid will be to quick in placing it on the agenda. This will be very interesting to watch as the Dems do not want to have anything to do with firearms. It has cost them dearly in the past and they know it. Seven Dem Senators are from states that honor all other states permit/licenses and if they vote against it they are voting not against keeping guns out of their state but from keeping their constitutes from carrying in other states. It will be interesting. If it passes will Obama Veto it? That would be very interesting also. Only time will tell.

Also Eric Crist of Minnesota has come onboard at He is another RKBA’s/Computer guy and has a lot of great ideas on making the site respond faster and some improvements on what we have now. You will see very few changes in the layout and no changes in the information on the site but there will be improvements in the future.
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