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3rd and best deer yet.

This year I drew a tag that allowed me to hunt all 3 of washington's seasons, archery, muzzleloader, and modern firearm.
I decided I was going to make it worth the draw of the tag and so I buckled down. I started scouting my area in March and hit it hard at least 3 days a week. No matter the close calls in early seasons, I didnt worry too much, I wanted to hunt the rut. The best season for the rut in my area is late modern firearm season, a 4 day season (this year Nov 17-20). I recently read a book written by Scott Haugen about hunting trophy blacktails and was eager to employ what I learned about hunting the rut and rattling for bucks. Something that is more associated with whitetail hunting.
The spot I had a good feeling about was back in some big timber, where it borders young jack firs. On the other side of the jack firs about 100 yards is a set of powerlines that is an active feeding area.
Before I headed there this morning I worked the outside edge of the jack firs, and saw a buck (didnt see the size so I didnt shoot) about 200 yards away another hunter missed a 4X4. The recent cold nasty weather had the bucks rutting hard. Then as it began to rain I headed to my spot in the timber. Sat up on a big old stump that makes for a mini-tree stand. I rattled on and off for about 10 min. I looked behind me and saw a doe 20 yards away, moving by at a slow trot. A gorgeous 3X3 with eyeguards came in with his nose to her rear. I couldnt stop him so I shot on the trot. Couldnt of done better, heartshot.
My first truly good buck, my first time really scouting and working for an animal, and my first deer using any kind of calling.
Still feeling the adrenaline from this morning and that was over 12 hours ago haha.
The pictures are in my thread "Hunting the Rut brag board" It wouldnt let me upload them both here and there.
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