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All I can say is "what took you so long?". I think you'll find boolit casting is a natural progression for an accomplished reloader like yourself. I can recommend Lyman's Cast Bullet Handbook, 4th Edition and I understand the 3rd Edition was outstanding as well.
I'm a newbie over @ castboolits and I honestly spent several days just reading posts and taking notes. After a half-dozen casting sessions, a few thousand boolits cast and a half-dozen or so moulds experimented with I've just begun to scratch the surface of what the folks on that forum have to offer. Melting lead and pouring it into a mould is a deceptively simple process. At times in some areas of our country it was a basic skill, today I consider it an almost lost art.
Please take the safety warnings and advice seriously, a minor lapse can ruin the entire experience for you, can also cause painful and serious injury.
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