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Some real nice deer fellows. Congrats to all.

Here is my 8 pointer taken an hour into opening day in Kentucky. This guy came in behind me, silent as a ghost and busted me when I adjusted position on the rock I was sitting on. He spooked and walked back into the brush but came back out on the other side of ravine. When he came out of the brush, he was staring at my location trying to figure out what I was. After looking at me for a few minutes, he walked behind a cedar tree allowing me to raise my gun on him. After he emerged from the other side, I took a shot at 75 yards broadside. At the sound of the gun, he took off down hill and didn't appear to be hit at all.

After 10 minutes, I walked to where I though he was hit and found a light blood trail. A few drops, nothing like I expected if I hit him hard. While the blood trail was easy to follow, I was still worried I wounded him rather than put a fatal shot on him. At that point, I sat down and gave him another 15 minutes. I got up and started tracking him again and after about 75 feet I finally found duel blood trails, in other words, he was bleeding out of both sides. Not a lot of blood though.

After another 75 feet I found him dead under a small cedar. I had hit him in both lungs but I've never seen a deer take off like he did. He really acted normal so I was pretty sure I missed him. I've never seen a double lung shot deer bleed so little either.
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