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Thanks for the kind words!

Well, about the kind of tail this buck had--it had a bung hole under it..
It was a mulie tail. I didn't know anything about the metatarsul glands and never noticed what those were like.

The guys at the Division of Wildlife gave me a rundown about the intermixing of mulies and white-tails that might be interesting to some.

Like Art said, white tail bucks are evidently able to out compete mulie bucks at rut. The outcome is that mulie does are producing cross breds that are of reduced fertility, and it also reduces the number of mulie fawn. White tail doe fawns will breed their first breeding season, and white tail does produce twins earlier than mulies. Thus, (the DOW guys said) the white tails can simply become the more predominate species.

Another interesting thing, the Colorado Division of Wildlife introduced white tails in two areas maybe 80 years ago, one area was the Arkasas River in the S.E. part of the state, and the other was Cherokee Park northwest of Fort Collins.

A white tail doe was taken on the west side of the continental divide at Kremmling this fall.

The things you learn! Personally, mule deer are my choice, as white tail are more skittish so it takes more skill and savvy to harvest them.
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