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I'm reading your CCW from my home state would allow me to carry in NYC. It isn't against the law for NYC residents to carry in NYC if you get a permit. Therefore, by law, my CCW would be legally acceptable in NYC, Hawaii, NJ, etc. These states make exercising your 2nd amendment and CCW rights Very Difficult.

I would still have to follow state laws such as 'must notify if pulled over' depending on the state, and other CCW laws. None of these laws would say I couldn't carry in the state I visit. That is their business with their own residents, and I think some people are gonna be a little fed up w/their congressmen & women if joe schmo can carry in there home state while visiting yet the law abiding home state residents who pay taxes are finding it nearly impossible to do the same thing.

Go on and read the LEOSA segments of different states with NJ and Hawaii being the main examples. They were not happy with LEOSA; NJ's governor tried to basically nudge all NJ agencies into not allowing these LEOs to carry off duty. It went nowhere. Obviously a LEO would follow the agnecy's protocol with which he is affiliated, but even if he didn't: by strict law he/she is covered by LEOSA.

When the bill passes people will get on with their lives. Some crazy, major shift isn't going to occur as these people have other things on their mind. The ones that try will only be dealing with their home state's residents anyways so how does that affect me when my state respects my CCW rights? In short, it doesn't. Worse case scenario, I have more CCW rights nationally than before the bill was passed anyways.
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