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Don't know about Hawaii but in NYC and the Sullivan act will get pops a minimum 1 year in the Tombs or Rikers if he gets caught and then kiss all the firearms good by.
at the moment, Don, but when this bill eventually passes I will be able to travel to any state in America except Illinois if I have a valid CCW from my home state(which I do). That is the point of this bill.

Now I suppose places like Hawaii(where it is virtually impossible to get a CCW even though they have laws on the books allowing it+allowing people to apply), can just follow Illinois' example and strip CCW rights altogether. I don't think I am missing something with this bill, but please let me know if I am. It is clear and basically most opposition is just "scared" of change? You probably read the bill Don, but I think maybe others have no clue what it even says....

....but then again, why would they if they already made up their mind?
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