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today's national news linked above.

if and when it passes senate, I think Obama will ignore it(which is the same as a veto virtually after about a couple weeks).

notice the ones against it are lawmakers from NY and the ones for it are AZ pro gun people.

It is really pretty simple, I have done a ton of stuff my wife was against and then she definately was glad after-the-fact. the same goes here for all the nay-sayers when it passes someday. You'll just have to deal with it.

If you get a CCW in your Home State then you are covered throughout US. States tried to stop LEOSA...they fought a really bad losing battle. That law is very simple and the same would go for here. You think the states are cutting the LEOs a break? No, the law covers them in the very small wordage it has.

Now Illinois and places like NYC or Hawaii you might be screwed, but one thing at a time. The law isn't going to make it harder for someone in VA, AK, TX, etc to CCW. It will open the door and allow these people to travel without the headache. After all, we are "one nation..."
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