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The fact that this bill would allow me to carry throughout the UNITED States of America as a law abiding holder of of a carry permit issued by my state government would be beneficial for us in the states in the northeast. So many of us live in one state and work in others. Beneficial to the pipe welder from Georgia who has a legal ccw and gets a 6 month job contract to work in the midwest. Is there a potential for some disaster by it going through the federal gov? Maybe,but unlikely. Should it even be an issue to protect yourself with a legally owned firearm while traveling? No, but it is. It's fine if your state already has reciprocity with others. Does one really think after watching the debate that Mass or R.I. is going to change their laws on their own? The argument of voting the bums out doesn't come into play if you don't live in that state. The other way to try to get them to change is a lawsuit that could go to the Supreme Court if you're lucky. But that's highly unlikely. This at the very least forces dialogue. Can we all agree? Nope. Just look at the difference of opinions for the people on THIS forum. I do have an interest in seeing this pass because I do live in a state that is surrounded by others who are very restrictive and do not offer reciprocity. I would love to be able to take the family on vacations and know I can protect them if the need arises. My personal interest also goes back to the court case in which I had to defend myself in court in Mass on a gun charge that cost me 2 yrs and $17,000. Eventually being found not guilty by a jury which never would have happened if this bill was already in effect. That 17 grand was my new Camaro down payment! Never get that back but I was looking at 8 years day for day which means no time off for good behavior so I guess it was worth it. All for a gun that was legal in VA. I am not a legal expert, nor do I claim this would be the best for all or the best way to go about it. If there is a better way, realistically, let me know. I can only speak for my own situation and others similar. I do want to apologize to oneounceload for the way our last conversation on this went, it should not have gotten personal. When a man is wrong, a man admits it.
But again, if there is a better way than this bill, let's hear it.
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