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Hog hunting with Weimaraners

I see most of you are saying a Weimaraner is a bird dog. As a breeder and hog hunter of Weims, I just had to step in here. They were originally bred in Germany as a large game hunting dogs. Bred and used for Bear and hogs mostly by royalty. Only reason they were started being used as a bird dog is the fact that the large game was depleting. We use our Weimaraner's as hog dogs. They are also closely related to a Plott hound. A Weim has grit, hunt, stamina, and versatility. They do range a little further, more like a hound dog than a cur. We have bullX, blackmouths, Catahoulas Plotts, and the Weims. The Weims have proved themselves to have the grit needed to help stop a hog, and the nose to find one. However, do take into consideration that they are pricier if you are hunting them, and there is always a chance of them getting injured. There are also many in rescues as these dogs need jobs and do better as a pet with a job.
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