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There is a certain disadvantage to being on the defense.

For decades in Illinois we mobilized to kill one anti-gun bill after another, always on the verge of facing even more restrictions, the dreaded gun registrations, and the abolishment of gun dealers and ranges.

We'd stop one horrific bill and while we were taking a breather the gun control lobby was already implementing their next plan.

It all changed when we became more effective at being proactive and sending gun legislation at the anti-gunners to deal with. They suddenly became the ones expending political capital just to keep bills from becoming law, preoccupied with lobbying to kill pro-gun measures, they haven't been able to effectively get their anti-gun measures off the ground.

I think this bill is a great shot at the gun control lobby, the anti-gun senators and the Obama administration.

It's a wake up call to the politicians who think they can take advantage of Obama's years in office to sneak through some anti-gun BS.
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