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Tom Servo
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If this bill passes SCOTUS will be useless in gun rights cases in my opinion.
That's what worries me: that this could diminish merit for a constitutional challenge on the issue. We really need SCOTUS to rule on a "right to carry."

Did Hank Johnson just say there were 89 victims here?
Hank Johnson also thought that Guam would capsize. Georgians are not proud of him.

Carolyn McCarthy is, predictably, having a metaphorical aneurysm over the whole thing:

I just finished telling my colleagues on the House floor what so many of you have told me -- H.R. 822 is despicable and needs to be stopped. It is a shameless attempt by the NRA to force states to recognize out-of-state conceal carry permits, even for criminals and the mentally ill.

I need your help to keep the message going. There's still time to stand up to the gun lobby and the Tea Party before the vote happens. Please join me and take action immediately.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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