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I live in a small Town miles away from the next major City.... but our crime rate here is about mid lev I guess. Drugs are the major problem here

Mostly junkies or bored groups of teenangers who will beat you for just one wrong look at them or sometimes even just for the thrill.

Our gun laws are just ridiculous.

The only legal options we have are Pepper-Spray / small Knives or those "guns".

Maybe someday I can travel to a much much better place

Edit : It shoots 9x22 cartridges filled either with 120mg OC or 80mg CS. I've tested something outdoors and even the edge of the Gas cloud burns horrible.

Also the active agent of CS or OC is regulated by law.
E.G. So a normal spray-can of CS is not allowed to have over 80mg of the irritant.

So I have two "guns" : My SIG holds 8 cartridges and my P30 15. So it's like I'am having fifteen cans of CS or OC in my pocket.

And if I can't stop my attacker with 15 cans of CS or OC then something went way to wrong.

Saw this story also....and IMHO I can't belive it's 100% true. Maybe she was just a really really bad shot

Edit 2 : Also in the Story she says that she didn't shoot him in the face. But these things are made for this case. If needed right in the face an then run like hell. Under our law a shot right in the face in this case is justified even if the BG ends up blind. This story contains some errors but explaining them would be way OT.

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