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What kind of gas does it carry/shoot? The only self defense account I have heard the gas was not effective, here is the the story and I have posted the link below the story-

---------I'd like to tell a story of something that happened to me last week, because I no longer know what to think of the entire affair. I didn't invent any of the following (I know I can't prove it here, but I have an eyewitness).

I live in a German city, and for the past year carried a 9mm five shot pistol that fires CS gas, as real guns are forbidden in this country, and never needed it. I have been assaulted before and have to go to work through a bad part of town on the bike.

A girl and I had visited friends late Friday night (it was 1.30 in the morning) and were talking in front their door while she unlocked her motorcycle. A drunk couple came out a nearby pub; the man immediately started to make derogatory remarks about the motorbike while the woman grinned. I stayed quiet and began to feel uneasy. I wish I had run. Three or four more people came up. A man accosted me (the usual ****, "pretty lady, how about the two of us?") und took hold of my knees. I immediately yelled at him to let go (did not call him names), but couldn't move away because I was holding my bicycle with stuff loaded on it. He was offended, and grabbed me again. I let the bike go and ran; he followed, telling me he'd show me, and I realized we were surrounded by drunks. I pulled the pistol and twice loudly warned him to stop, and fired a warning shot to the side. He stopped immediately. The first guy yelled, and jumped at me. No kidding, he jumped karate style with both both feet ahead, and I fired gas at him. Karate Man fell on his behind, and I was very impressed. The horror was, the man was so drunk and angry he got up again and promised to kill me. I ran, yelling my head off. He followed, and I emptied the gas pistol at him to no effect. I ran into the pub. Nobody helped me, and the guy dragged me across the floor by my hair, beating me until the man we'd visited came (the other girl rang his doorbell like mad) and got me out of there, as he is very big. The result: the police tells me I cannot charge the guy who handled me with sexual assault "because he didn't do enough" (it's not the police's fault, it's the laws here. I reacted *too early*, that is, before he raped me), and *I* am facing charges of causing physical harm with a dangerous weapon.

The laws here in Germany concerning weapons, even gas ones, are restrictive and totally perverted: The "karate man" is unharmed because I know the law, and therefore did not shoot him in the face, which would have really injured, but also effectively stopped him. Legal gas ammunition is so weak in this country it is a joke.

I did not dare shoot him on the ground, because that is injuring a helpless person, so he could get up and chase me.

He may attack me simply for defending myself from a sexual assault.

And of course the weapon has been confiscated because I am "not able to use it properly". That is true, but not the way the law means it. If I had used the gun properly, that is had been more ruthless, I would have shot him full in the face, and some more while he was down. And I would have been unharmed.

But now I am a "gunslinging crazy female". I also am very worried, and when I quiet down after writing (or telling) my angry story, I am very afraid.

But I wasn't raped.--------
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