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Uncle Buck makes a good point

Some people aren't able to FACE their wrongs. This isn't always, but sometimes you have to face your issues, problems, etc to experience the other side. It is easier to keep using a drug instead of facing your problems as an example IF this drug is destroying your life and/or making you go to jail, be a criminal, and so-on. It isn't comfortable to do the opposite and face life without it, but if you can do it things get better eventually. The quick fix has consequences. I know this is only an example, but sometimes you have to do the right thing and BREAK THE CYCLE.

If you are going to jail 2, 3, 4 times in a row you need to make changes accordingly. You can do this if you ask for help plus put your mind to it. There have been many cases of people facing and overcoming their issues even though it isn't easy&can be uncomfortable. Others don't step up and face their issues. Make the choice or pay the price. Take responsibility, don't blame everyone else. And when you point fingers, usually three people are pointing fingers back at you for every one you point.
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