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QUOTE: Keekesmonstoer0991
I would like to see some opinions from overseas
Do you think these kind of "Weapon" can stop an attacker or is it just a dangerous toy ?

I think that they are better than nothing. Am thankful I live in Texas, USA
a gun friendly state. Over here there are people who carry stun guns depending upon legality of such items, others pepper spray. I would hate to live in a country where I could not carry a gun for self defense. Over here there are "Killing zones", such as federal property where only criminals or police carry guns. These laws ensure that criminals have an advantage over law abiding citisens. I refuse to live under such an arrangement. Sounds like your country is a whole lot like Illinois, USA, a place I never go,and a place from which I buy no products made there.
But I think Germany probably has less of a crime problem than the USA.
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