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Your opinion on "non-lethal firearms"

Hi !

Wall of text inc. !

So I'am from Germany and finally found the courage to post in TFL.
Great Forum and way better than most Boards we have here

I like Firearms and gatherd quite some knowledge but still I'm struggling to post my question here.

Sadly our laws are stronger and I can't own any (real) PERSONAL Firearm without risking financial ruin ATM.
So my expiriences are limited to shooting clubs with leased weapons or plinking in the backyard. Only exception was a .38 Revolver which was shown to me by the Uncle of my Ex-GF.

Finally in Sep. 10 i got my "kleiner Waffenschein" which is similar to your CCP.
But it only allows me to carry gas-guns which fire a CS/OC mix up to 15 feet.
( defined as firearms under our law )

I've practiced any recommended drill and currently carry a licensed copy of the SigSauer P239 OWB and a knife + flashlight. Most LEO's and people here say it's "bad juju" to carry ANY defensive item with you ,,because it WILL get you killed."

But I feel safe...a lot safer. Most crimes here are commited with fists or broken bottles.

I would like to see some opinions from overseas
Do you think these kind of "Weapon" can stop an attacker or is it just a dangerous toy ?

Any advice is welcome

Hope this thread is not too OT...


Pics can be shown if interested.
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