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Many of us in southwestern Idaho shoot on BLM land south of Boise. There seems to be no problem and no clashes between the various users of the land. Shooters coexist with off-road riders, rocket launching clubs, a raptor refuge and grazing cattle. And, as far as I can tell all the other users of that land coexist with each other as well.

It's unfortunate, but there are folks who do misuse the land - it's not uncommon to run across a rusted out refrigerator or other major appliance or a makeshift trash dump full of tires and old car parts. But that's a societal issue, not a shooting issue. There are a few areas that are favorites of shooters because, since it's kind of flat around here, those places that offer natural backstops are pretty valuable pieces of real estate. And, for the most part, they're kept in good shape. I don't see much terrain damage, other than some loss of vegetation from tramping around, and the occasional piece of brass or shotgun hull that didn't get policed up.

That's what happens around here and it would surprise me if things were too terribly different elsewhere.
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