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If people are messing up the environment they should be punished.

I live near a restored wetland with a nature trail.

Dog owners by the thousands use the trail to walk their dogs and they don't clean up after them. When it rains all that dog waste washes down into creeks and into the marsh. It totally screws up the creeks and the marsh itself. No one does any enforcement.

We have immigrants who use the area as a picnic and camping area. It was never meant to be that - there isn't any picnic area anywhere on the trail - that means no garbage receptacles for food waste. Every time I ride the trail I pass by an area where people have made a picnic and what is left behind are empty beverage bottles, left over food, wrappers and assorted garbage.

There is no enforcement.

Then there are the smokers who don't consider flicking used cigarette butts to be litering.

Again no enforement.

To go after any one of these "groups" of people and ignore the others would be wrong, but that's what BLM is doing.

Another federal agency that has been co-opted into the Obama administration's gun control agenda.
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