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i'm moving to a gated community for old geezers (not quite there yet myself-but close). only have to worry if demented, blood thirsty geriatrics take their geritol.then i will have to home carry.
Here in FLA a few years back there was a murder in a gated community so they can be safer but its not a given.

With all the continual discussions about nightstand guns, I'm glad to read that someone has sense enough to recognize the danger of having a gun within arms reach while asleep. Having to take a step or three to reach the gun insures against confusing a dream with reality or possibly confronting a family member returning late from a date or whatever.
I understand the dream aspect of it and for the folks that did not experience the horrors of war night stand gun is a good idea. We all know what WE are like when being startled from sleep. Let all be there own judge as to what is safe or not
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