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Before you value a criminal's life at less than a stereo or TV or jewelry or anything like that, remember that they're probably an ex-con, and if so, while it was their own (often poor) decisions that got them into prison in the first place, it was the prison system itself that likely made them into a career criminal. The same prison system that law&order types love sticking more and more people into, for lesser and lesser crimes.
I have some problems with this statement;

1. I believe it stereotypes.

2. Two of the reasons we have so many people in prison is:
A. Because we are a nation of laws.
B. We expect legal remedies every-time we are inconvenienced.

3. I feel one reason people end up in prison a second/third/fourth... time is because they continue to make poor judgements. The prison system does not make them in to a career criminal, them not accepting responsibilities for their actions makes them in to career criminals.

4. Blaming society for your ills is not the answer.
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