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OK quick run down units14 A&B wolf season runs Aug 10 -April 30 non res tag $30. no tag required units9,10,12, 13 16,17, 19 ,20 ,25. unit 13 is up the road, either the Parks or the Glenn. 16 is across the Big Su river and is probably still fly in only till things get cold long enough.BTW it 0 now .and the wind is blowing about 25 with gusts expected to 45 tonight an tomorrow, 55 to 60 the next day. Unit 20 is up around Fairbanks, there was a report of wolves killing dogs up that way on the news tonight. Unless your in love with the 308 I'd leave it home , a 22 ,shotgun & 223 will serve you much better for what is out there now. Most here use the 22 for Hares [rabbits] and grouse ,ptarmigan. The 223 for fox , coyote , wolves ,lynx.If you have a caller I'd pack that to.
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