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A Quick and Easy Display

Just a board and some wooden pegs. Originally, it had grandma's china teacups hanging from it. They're in the china cabinet now...probably a safer place than anywhere around clumsy ol' me.

My digital camera has bit the dust, so all I have is my yucky cell phone. But...left to right:

1895 Soviet Nagant
Colt New Army .38
Cimarron Model P .357
Pietta "1862 Police" .36
Lyman 1858 .36
Pietta 1860 .44
Uberti 1860 .44
Pietta 1858 .44
ASP "Gunnison and Griswold" .44

It was a snap to make - I just ran a router around the edges of a 1x3 to dress it up a little, drilled the holes and slapped on a little yellow paint. I hit it here and there with some sandpaper to "age" it a touch. I need to make a couple of more this weekend!
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