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Posted by Justice06RR: Any criminal who has decided to steal your possesions has broken the law, and who's to know if they won't do it again to someone else, and possibly injure or kill an innocent person in the process?
Actually, no. Anyone who has decided to steal your possessions and who has taken some specific steps to further the taking of your possessions has broken the law.

Before said person can be punished, at least in a civilized society of laws, he or she must be charged, tried, and sentenced. The intended victim does not have the authority do do so. Nor is the death penalty assessed against thieves.

That we do not know that the thief, or that Justice06RR, for that matter, will commit a crime in the future does not justify the use of deadly force against either one.

These are by no means new ideas. They represent the evolution of cnturies upon centuries of careful legal thought.
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