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...And what is with the "A guy died in case you missed that" comment? What exactly did that add to the discussion? Do you actually believe that I missed that? And if you don't believe that I somehoew managed to miss that detail, then exactly what are you trying to imply?...
The comment wasn't directed at you, it was directed at the topic. I should have spelled this out but I didn't make this obvious and I apologize. I can understand why you may take this personal but the bottom line is we all draw from our experience and education. Regardless, we are starting to juggle geese with this conversation.

... I'm sorry; but that doesn't have a damn thing to do with the problem. ...
That is a rather pointed comment, in my opinion.

But, we have discussed a topic that we have strong opinions about, and that's ok - if we all had the same opinion about everything, then...

conversation, forums, life in general would be boring.

Bartholomew - I have a funny feeling that If we met face to face, shared a cup of coffee, or a glass of ale - we would become friends.

Best of luck to every American and...

to every firearm owner

Be safe, you must protect the ones you love and you cannot protect anyone if you are dead.
Ex - Navy, Persian Gulf Veteran. Loved shooting the M14, 1911, M60, M2
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