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'm divided on this law. (H.R. 822). Is it a Trojan Horse?

Will it mean the Feds will set rules for concealed carry? Will it allow the Attorney Generel to obtain a list of each state's concealed permit holders?

Will it require unreasonable, costly training, making CCW a rich man's right?

Will it tell us what to carry, or how many rounds, what type of rounds?

I would love to see each state reconizing every other state's permit, or better yet, no permit required anywhere, but I don't know if I trust the federal government on this issue.

I'd like to see some safe guards in the law that would protect the states. I hate to see the fed's requirments for the states to issue CC permits.

It's easier to control our laws on a local level then to control them on a federal level. I'm afraid H.R. 822 will put all the rules for CCW in the federal hands where we have less control.

Frankly I just don't know.
Agreed - is the camel sticking its nose under the tent? And MY rep is the one who wrote the bill
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