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I find it more than a little amusing that the anti-gun lobby is making our argument for us ("our" referring only to those who favor state laws in support of carrying, as opposed to federal laws.):

“This policy removes the ability of your state to pass laws or regulations regarding armed visitors to your state and forces the citizens of your state to honor the policies of the government of another state over whom they have no electoral control or remedies for addressing ill-advised policies,” Rep. McCarthy wrote in her letter.
I wonder if in the end this is a win-win. That is, the anti-gun lobby shows how anti-gun it is, and this provides increased impetus to change state laws on the local level. If I were a governor being faced with this type of pressure, as well as some of the pending court challenges mentioned elsewhere in this forum, particularly by Al Norris (btw, thanks Al), I would strongly consider making concessions in some of my stricter gun laws in order to decrease outside criticism. If some of the states see the wind blowing in the opposite direction, maybe they'll jump on the bandwagon before they're forced to do so by the feds. Then again, this might be wishful thinking.
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