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I never said that carrying a gun safely and legally is going to offer an unsafe situation.
That's exactly what you implied. In regards to a man who carried a firearm to the grocery store, your statement had the strong implication that had he left it at home in favor of some non-firearm based defensive method, he'd still be alive. While correct in this exact instance, that statement also implied we'd all be safer if we only carried guns occasionally... such as when YOU think we "NEED" them (in blatant disregard of known incidents where otherwise safe places became murder scenes). Feel free to call it paranoia all you want, the vast majority of us here consider it prudence. I am not aware of any assailant who makes appointments or waits for a person to enter a bad neighborhood before striking. Your emotional thinking doesn't hold together when held to the light of logical reason and events we see in reality.

What killed this man was not carrying a gun to the grocery store. What killed him was his own unsafe practice, and those practices are not restricted to times when you think firearm carry is unnecessary. In fact, I would submit that one who only carries occasionally is MORE likely to be unsafe than someone who does so with regularity.

Whenever you carry, do so safely. Know your gun, know the advantages and disadvantages of your specific carry method and associated gear. Don't shortcut, you'll wish you hadn't. There's several folks out there with scars on their legs from substandard (or no) carry rigs, and I have a strong suspicion that a quality belt and holster would have cost far less than their medical co-pays.
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