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I support the right to keep and bear arms. I do it myself. But - I assure you, no one really needs a firearm on your person loaded - one - in - the - chamber

A couple questions:

1) If you NEED a gun where you're going, why go? If I actually thought I'd need a gun in the course of my day, I'd change my schedule or call the cops. At the very least I'd have a rifle on my person. Handguns are for the unforeseen emergencies.

2) If you're unsafe when you carry a gun unnecessarily (in your viewpoint), then what magic force is protecting you from harm when you think it is needed? Unsafe is unsafe, period. Responsible is responsible whether you went out for a quart of milk at the corner store or you went into some more nefarious neighborhood. I think it's more likely that one who carries rarely is more likely to be unsafe due to lack of familiarity and the reduced perceived use leading to junky gear (if you wear a gun every day, you've probably invested in a good belt or holster than if you just toss it in a pocket to go).

Safety is not only a choice but also a habit. We must CHOOSE we will carry safely, and then we must ingrain that choice by turning safe actions into habits.
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