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IMO there is a difference between someone stealing from your home and from your "land".

This is only my opinion and will NOT be legal in many states but IMO if you break into my home your life is forfit. It becomes my judgment call if you are a threat to me or my family; If you resist in any way shape of form you may be shot. If I feel threatened the threat will be dispatched period. Here in Illinois believe it or not a homeonwer has some latitude in the use of deadly force so long as they believe it is needed to prevent a forcible felony.

Someone stealing from your property; there is no imminent danger if you are in your home. Yes you should have the right to confront someone stealing from you and use deadly force if threatened; but shooting at a fleeing suspect who is not even fleeing with your property is not the best decision. Even if they have your property; shooting your own car or lawnmower full of holes is pretty counterproductive.
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