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With all the continual discussions about nightstand guns, I'm glad to read that someone has sense enough to recognize the danger of having a gun within arms reach while asleep. Having to take a step or three to reach the gun insures against confusing a dream with reality or possibly confronting a family member returning late from a date or whatever. But then, Vietnam veterans tend to think alike

Well, we think somewhat alike. I was in Vietnam in the Marine Corp in 1969.
But I did not carry a gun for 40 years, and only after the breaking point came. That was Major Hasaan at Ft. Hood, and thereafter I got my gun permit.

My guns are all (three of them), within arms reach of me while sleeping, and
I don't have nightmares, and have never claimed ptst. But there are no family members returning from a date to my apartment. If someone comes in accounced I can be sure it is a bg. My brother in law enforcement thinks people should have two shotguns. That is not for me. Three handguns is enough. The only time I feel unsafe is on federal property as was the case the other day, when a man approached my vehicle, and said "Give me a Thousand Dollars". Worse yet, he and I were the only two vehicles in the lot, and he was standing between me and my exit path. I said I don't have any money. After he went to his car another guy from a motel nearby got into his vehicle with him. I was trying to figure out if these guys were going to try and rob me, if I would be able to run him down with my vehicle, if he tried or if they attempted to break into my vehicle, which was locked but the window was rolled down about 3 inches. By then I had the windows back up,
the motor running and ready to exit. I had my disabled daughter in the vehiole with me, and if attacked I do not intend to surrender the vehicle. He turned out to be a harmless veteran, but it shocked me, and I did not have homeland security with me. I prefer my guns all within arms reach, but if I had nightmares, I might think differently. Afterwards, I thought isn't it ironic that the laws to protect us, actually may endanger out lives and our safety. Both turned out to be harmless veterans. But for a moment I was regretting that I am a law abiding citisen.
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