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I live in layers 24/7,No i'm not paranoid just safe.

We have outdoor lights,4 night vision security cameras outside and 2 inside.We have 3 dogs that are really alert,and we live at the end of a road, 99% of the time i'll see you well before you get close enough to my house to be much of a threat.Every tv can be turned over to see the cameras with a click of the remote,and in the living room i have a small tv set up just to moniter cameras visually and audio.

I always carry at home for 2 reasons,for protection from home invasion,and i keep my doors open must of the year so i don't have to run a/c,the kids and dogs love it.I'm sitting here right now with my Glock 22,a robe,sweat pants,and a t shirt on.
it's better to have a gun on your hip than one to your head
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