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what in the decision in Cockrum indicates that the case has anything to do with...depriving the aforementioned classes of their constitutional rights to protect other classes
It is what happened after Cockrum that was of note:

<<<by 1872, the Texas Supreme Court denied that there was any right to carry any weapon for self-defense under either the state or federal constitutions -- and made no attempt to explain or justify why the Cockrum decision was no longer valid. What caused the dramatic change? The following excerpt from that same decision -- so offensive that no one would dare make such an argument today -- sheds some light on the racism that apparently caused the sudden perspective change>>>

see for the rest of the story.

Public safety is not to be confused with protecting some segments of society from others. I submit the latter was the goal of anti-weapons oriented legislation during the early years of this country. Gun regulation in the interest of true public safety seems to have gained traction as America changed from a rural society to an urbanized one after WWII and the citizens' familiarity with firearms began to diminish.

Certainly as older generations who grew up with guns have aged and left us, some, indeed, a great many of the newcomers, have come to a different realization about guns and their utility, which has given rise to modern-day public safety issues.
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