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Logging and Deer hunting: opinions needed

OK, so here's my problem.
Wisconsin's 9-day gun deer hunt opens this Saturday. They have been planning on logging the land that I hunt, which in itself wouldn't be an issue. The loggers weren't supposed to show up til the second week in December.
But they started logging it Friday. The roads and trails are all blcoked and there are hundreds of trees down on the 200 acres. They say most of the lumber will be cleared out before Friday.

I figure, even if they get it cleared, all the activity will push the deer out of the area, at least for a while.
We have 5 guys hunting the property, which is about 300 acres, 220 or so is wooded and the rest tilled. About 2/3s of the wooded area is being logged.

So, we are coming up with plans to make the best of it.
Should we...
1. Hunt as usual and hope for the best?

2. Not hunt the opening weekend and give it a few days to calm down. Hoping that hunters in surrounding areas will push deer back into the area.

3. Start out driving the untouched 1/3 of the farm.

4. Suggestions welcome
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