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3rd Season CO deer and elk

Well deer anyway, I never could close the gap on an elk this year. I took my deer after about a three hours stalk. He was bedded and I could never make out more than his head for sure, so my buddy and I waited him out and when he stood up and stretched I knew he hadn't seen us. He was about 120 yards when I took the shot, I pulled it a little and instead of a quartering towards shoulder shot it wound up a shot that shattered the neck and made him DRT.

Not the biggest deer I've ever shot but he was a four point. Plus it was in the last two days of a hard season finding more than just fork horn bucks. I wound up taking the largest deer out of our camp and we only managed to fill four out of six buck tags and one out of six elk tags between all eight hunters in camp.

The rifle used was a 1917 Enfield sporter chambered in .300 H&H. Bullet was a slow 2650 fps 180 grain Nosler Partition. Scope Leupold 2.5-8X36 VX-III and Leupold RB800 8X32 range finding binoculars were the optics used.

Lessons learned on this hunt, I need better binoculars! My Leupold 8X32’s just couldn’t pick up the details my buddies Nikon Monarch 10X42 compacts could. While the rangefinder is a nice feature, my friend was finding far more deer than I was able to at much greater ranges. I think next year I’ll be hunting with separate range finder and binoculars as I can pick them up much cheaper separate than to shell out the $2K plus for the range finding binoculars that I want now.
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