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I see several fellows mention Norma brass, I tried Norma 30-35 years ago (30/06) even back then it was expensive. As I recall they came in 20 round boxes and ready to load, they did save me the prepping but over all I didn't think the extra money was well spent.. IMO William
The thing with Norma brass, is you are paying for virtually identical pieces of brass. They are all the same length, all the same weight, all the same internal capacity.

If you wanted that out of R-P or Win brass, you would have to buy 100 and then prep them all and sort them and *may end up with 20 identical pieces.

Buy 100 Norma and all 100 are identical.

So yeah, if you are just throwing rounds together to get minute of deer sized groups, not worth it.

If you are after teeny tiny groups at extended ranges, they are well worth it IMO.
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