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Originally Posted by briandg
Keep in mind that halon or CO2 will not do a bit of good against powder/primers. they will just blow it into a big cloud of flame that will eat you alive. Get a powder or water based extinguisher, water preferred. Nothing is smarter than putting a sprinkler over the bench that can saturate the area.
I don't know what type of smokeless powder, or what quantities you anticipate dealing with ....but I've burned plenty of smokeless powder in my time. I have never encountered a situation where scattering the fire posed the risk of creating a situation that would "eat me alive" (even with multiple pounds of powder in the hot seat).

And, while water may be the best option for fire suppression and control... That choice has to be made by each reloader. Some people just don't want to spray water all over their home or reloading equipment. And I have a different reason for avoiding it.

Due to the way my house is laid out and the location of my powder and primer storage; if I can't get the fire out as soon as it starts, I might as well just let it burn. Any use of water would cause an almost immediate loss of about $5k worth of electronics, and an additional $10k-15k worth of firearms and other high-value items. If the fire spread beyond those walls, there will be significant damage to the structure. The way my home owner's insurance policy is written allows the insurance company to refuse to cover that damage. It is considered "flood damage", if the water is handled by me. But, if the Fire Department has to come in, and put out the fire... it's "water damage caused by fire-fighting measures", and everything is covered. (It's all covered, so long as my storage methods and quantities are within legal limits, that is.)

Pick your poison.
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