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I wear Peltor Tac-7s when hunting with a handgun. Years ago I took one shot in the field with a ported barrel T/C Contender in .35 Remington and my ears rang for three days; I was terribly afraid I had done permanent damage. That was on a Saturday, and I ordered the Peltors the following Monday.

By God's grace, I seem to have avoided tinnitus thus far, but I wear the Peltors over foam plugs at the range; Peltors alone when hunting with my handguns. They are stereophonic, so you don't lose directionality. And they do a great job of keeping your ears warm!

When hunting with a long gun, I typically have a set of foam plugs on a string hung around my neck. If I see something in the distance and have sufficient time, I'll insert the plugs. Otherwise, no.
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