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An overlooked fire hazard.

Many indoor shooting ranges put carpeting down to help absorb gunfire noise. When firing, not all powder is consumed and it blows out and becomes trapped in the rug fibers. I was shooting at a major gunmaker's range when someone firing a revolver in prone position, ignited this accumulated powder with either the flame from the cylinder gap or muzzle flash. The fire was impossible to put out and a similar range fire in the 80s cost an employee his life, also at the range of a major manufacturer. I don't remember what the range staff used to extinguish the fire I witnessed.

My point is, don't have any carpeting at your reloading bench. You must be able to clean up any occasional spillage and we all spill some powder from time to time. I know, you don't shoot prone at your reloading bench but any ignition source such as an electrical spark or a dropped cigarette is all it takes. Besides a hot flame, the synthetic rug fibers emit poisonous gasses and you won't have much time to get out and call for help.
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