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Contact your representative now for ccw

See the attached link. This bill is coming up for a House vote today. Contact your Rep TODAY and tell them you SUPPORT inter-state concealed carry and full reciprocity across the 50 states.

National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act Scheduled for
House Floor on Tuesday—Contact Your U.S. Representative Immediately!

H.R. 822—the “National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011” is scheduled for a vote on the U.S. House floor this Tuesday, November 15. We’ve told you the truth about why the legislation is very good for gun owners and now it is imperative that you contact your U.S. Representative IMMEDIATELY and urge him or her to vote for H.R. 822 WITH NO AMENDMENTS.

As we have been reporting all along, H.R. 822 is a good bill for gun owners. The bill will enable America’s millions of permit holders to exercise their right to self-defense while traveling outside their home states by requiring states to recognize each others' lawfully-issued carry permits, just as they recognize driver's licenses and carry permits held by armored car guards.
H.R. 822 does not create a federal licensing or registration system; does not establish a minimum federal standard for the carry permit; does not involve the federal bureaucracy in setting standards for carry permit; and it does not destroy or discourage the adoption of permitless carry systems such as those in Arizona, Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming.
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