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some legal questions about my AK47

Im not too familiar with all the NFA stuff, i do know a little bit, but not enough to answer these questions myself.

I know that it is legal to own a fully automatic weapon. I know their is a good deal of paperwork to fill out. I know that you have to pay a $200 tax. And I know that they are very expensive.

Thats about the extent to what I know, keep that in mind when telling why I can or cannot do this.

I was looking at the trigger group in my AK47 the other day and pretty much figured out how to make it fully auto... not going into detail because I dont wanna give anyone any ideas of doing something they shouldn't. But basicly their would be no select fire, only 'safe' and 'full auto'.

So I pondered to myself:

Why cant i own a modified trigger?
Can I legally modify it myself?
Can I legally purchase a modified trigger?
If theres no special license or certificate I need to purchase or own an NFA weapon, why can I just have one that didnt come from a class 3 dealer?
And if this is legal, who would I need to contact?

Anyway those are just a few of the questions stewing in my brain atm. And I know that cant be all there is between my semi auto and your fully auto because I cant select a single fire option. But hey if I can legally get around spending $14,000 for an awesome toy.... Im all about it.

Also, I know that most of you are probably not lawyers, but I figured your input would give me a good starting place.

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