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I bought two of these rifles, one to leave alone, the other to modify. I paid $99 each, that is the going price. I had my choice of round or hexagon chambers, was told they are basically the same, took the round ones.

I bought them because the ammo is so darn cheap, and so are the guns!

I bought the go, no-go head space tools to make sure they were safe to fire, and they were.

Now, I ruined one when I did a scope mount for it. The two holes went all the way into the chamber. I loaded a round, shot it, had a heck of a time opening the bolt again. When I finally got it open I found two holes in the brass from the screw holes for the scope mount. I have a guy that is going to re-barrel the gun so I can still use it.

So, if you want a scope be careful of what you do!

I also put a plastic stock on the gun. It looks cool, but is now uesless unless I replace the barrel.

I could care less about keeping these guns in their original condition. There are 1000's and 1000's of these things out there for sale, $100 seems to be the going price. Buy a few and put them away if you want, buy a few more and make them into whatever you want.
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