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Remember, he was likely cleaned up for court. Think about all the out of place " dressed up " people you see on the news in court.
Good point.

Behavior is a pretty good indicator. Years ago I worked at a car lot and could get a very good read of someone's demeanor just by observing the car they drove, the way they got of said car, closed the door and walked across the lot.
If the notion struck to write a 10,000 word post expounding on this^ I’d read it.

I have read that some of the thugs that are going into court are putting makeup over their tattoos, so they look squeaky clean and innocent when they go to court wearing their suits and ties.
Criminal doesn’t always mean dumb, that’s for sure. I was rather impressed with his lawyer too until I saw him driving a brand new 4 door mercedes during lunch recess and realized he wasn’t a public defender... That might be exactly what happened, but when he turned around and smirked as they read off the murder charges it was like looking at pure evil.

Someone might get to sit on the jury of a home invasion/murder trial in which a 60YO man breached the door of a drug house and blew the snot out of several drug dealing no good SOB's. At the trial, he would be the picture of sobriety, cleanliness, and courtesy. You don't have to be a dirty lowlife to clean a drug house IMHO. If the victim really was a dealer, maybe you should give the defendant a medal.
Anything can be romanticized, and anything can be vilified…all I know is what I saw- an empty blankness where there should be remorse, regret, and fear.

@freenokia= I didn't mean to come across as "chewing you out." I was just asking for clarification, in what seemd to me like a contradictiong statements.

Ironic, that in a thread discussing false conclusions, we misinterpreted each other
I know, man. Sometimes when I get excited I get loud and dramatic for theatrical effect. Just hammin it up for the crowd
handshake accepted

He probably had a lawyer with enough sense to make him clean up…not defending criminals but they do have a right to try and impress the judge/jury
True…Having rights that cannot be taken away is what has made this country the greatest in the world!

I wonder how much of a good impression the ones that come out in jump suits and shackles make?

I guess you could also be wheeled out in a straight jacket too
Lol. The trustees around here still wear stripes
Please tell me the trial is over.
Idk. I didn’t get picked. That was last Monday and I think the trial started last Friday…do they have court on weekends??
I once went to court to testify. I sat there for hours listening to petty crime stuff. No jury, just the judge. One was an assault case; the whole clan of the cave bear showed up, and at one point, some toothless old hag took the stand, and ran on for about 5 minutes. Eventually, the judge aske her if she was even present. she wasn't, so he told her get the heck off of the witness stand. Not particarly politely, either.

about a dozen people there, not a one of them wearing clean clothes, just dirtbags.
I think their cousins were there for this one. I bumped into the pregnant one on the way out.
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