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Thank you guys! We found the bullet this morning, embedded in the hyde on the exit side; almost went all the way through. From the looks of it, it smashed into a rib or at least grazed one (though I didn't notice any cracked ribs.. oh well, it worked.) Guess I was expecting more mushroom, and less shredding.

We spent a good deal of today processing this buck. So far, we've got two really nice 3 lb rump roasts, a ton of little butterfly steaks from the back straps, plus some thick cut ones, 6 more good size roasts for pot roast or steaks, about 10 lbs of burger, about 10 lbs of stew meat, the top rounds were huge, so I'm not sure if I'm gonna leave those alone or go for steaks. We haven't touched the shoulders or rib meat yet!! That'll all be done tomorrow. Right now, the freezer's looking pretty happy.

One of my roasts, just shy of 3 lbs.

First 5 lbs of burger.

We took a break, and made some burgers!! A little Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb mixed in, and it was a good evening.

This deer hunting thing is ridiculous.

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