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There is one thing that I think would be beneficial to every kid. First, every kid I have ever taught, or discussed shooting with, I tell them that the firearm must be thought of just like a death ray. Pull that trigger, and anything in front of the barrel for as far as the eye can see is probably going to die, or be destroyed. Second, any firearm is almost certain to kill, or absolutely destroy anything that is hit. Sure, maybe it will only be a flesh wound, but NOT VERY OFTEN.

Lastly, I want every kid on the planet to be present at a firearm exhibition. I want them to hear the muzzle blast, I want them to see those watermelons or cantalopes disintegrate. I want them to see what the heck happens when a .22-250 does to a head, and a .45-70 does to a pig.

Then, I want them to watch me shoot a kitten, and remind them that this is what will happen if they are careless
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