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Feel sorry for those turkeys this Spring.

At least you'll get to eat the turkey bounty.

I, on the other hand, am not so lucky...

...for the last month, I've been watching a buck here on the property that if I'm fortunate enough to tag, will be my best in 45yrs of hunting.

He's at least a 15 point, very heavy rack and will go weight wise from 300-325lbs(hanging weight). Just a massive,beautiful, jaw-dropping specimen of a deer.

I've seen him twice in the last two weeks. First time about 70 yds out making a rub on a cedar tree thats about a foot around.

Second time was last Friday evening. He passed the cedar tree and started coming down a trail that passes no more than 25yds from my stand. I had the wind in my favor, he didn't know I existed and I just knew he was mine.

Well as he got to 45yds from me, he immediately came to an abrupt halt, turned off the trail and made a wide skirt, circling,ending up 30 yds below me never presenting a clean shot. I watched as he made his way out of sight, with me grunting, rattling, snorting, bleating, snort-wheezing and most of all...praying I could turn him back. Didn't happen.

Well, I just couldn't figure what made him turn. Did he wind me, nope, maybe he picked up the scent of a doe on a cross trail, nada.

Was glassing the trail he was on inch by inch and I found the problem....

....a flash of white through the bino's revealed a skunk.

Apparently deer that have experienced a skunks protective system, don't like them any more than people do.

Wander how skunk tastes?
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