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I feel for him, but it doesn't change the fact that for gun owners, safety MUST be the most important thing. Murphy's Law must be obeyed; if you can anticipate it happening, it can happen.
Interesting comment. Yes, it's true. But it seems that gun accidents just aren't allowed to happen without an outcry for punishment---even incarceration.

This even comes from the pro gun community.

Of course, if a child drowns in a swimming pool, gets run over in the street, or meets with serious injury or death as a result of adult negligence, there tends to be more sympathy and a realization that accidents happen.

Few feel that a prison term would serve any purpose. The adult already has the burden of living with the results of their actions.

Obviously, some degrees of negligence deserve no sympathy and should result in charges.

Ah, but a gun accident. The above rules don't apply. The heartbroken adult must, in addition to the moral consequences, go to prison and pay the price for his negligence. The news media believes that, and so do (as I mentioned) members of our own gun community.

To say the gun accidents shouldn't happen is true to the same extent that other accidets shouldn't happen. Accidents have always happened and always will, even though that fact can't be used as an excuse.

In some states, negligence resulting in death of a child (non gun accident) is business as usual in the court system. The prosecuter has the descretion.

But gun accidents mandate charges and jail time upon conviction. Off to jail goes a heartbroken adult who was negligent only for an instant. Something that could happen to any of us. That gun owner faces mandatory prosecution not forth coming for other accidents doesn't sound fair to me.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
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